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Anne Hathaway Defends 'SNL' Katie Holmes Mocking

She tells THR her spacey impersonation was based "more [on] Joey Potter."

The Hollywood Reporter
by Lauren Schutte

Despite successfully hosting "Saturday Night Live" in 2008, Anne Hathaway says she felt scared before her second go-round Nov. 20.

“The first time, I’d never done anything like that, and so there wasn’t the pressure of expectation,” Hathaway told THR. “So, I was a little more nervous going into it, with ‘would they like it or wouldn’t they?’ But people seem really happy with the results. So I’m thrilled.”

As for her spacey impersonation of Katie Holmes? Hathaway says she wasn’t actually mimicking the actress.

“I was a teenager when "Dawson’s Creek" was airing, and I was a pretty avid fan, so it just sort of came from that,” she says, adding, “It wasn’t really Katie Holmes; it was more [her "Creek" character] Joey Potter.”

Hathaway’s hosting gig came four days before her new film, "Love and Other Drugs," hits theaters Nov. 24. She says the movie, which co-stars her "Brokeback Mountain" love interest, Jake Gyllenhaal, “is not a romantic comedy, it’s a funny love story.” But, it is the film’s multiple nude scenes -- many of which the actress appears in topless -- that have been making waves.

“I think the media’s completely blown it out of proportion,” says the 28-year-old actress. “I never had any hesitation about doing it because it made sense to me that these two people would behave like that. These are two people who are incredibly attracted to each other, who have a sexual relationship, and we explored the reality of that.”