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The Girl Next Door

Tom Cruise Reps Accuse Katie of Screwing Tom Over In Tabloids


Part of Tom Cruise's lawsuit against two tabloids reads like one of his spy movies -- with Tom's publicity team accusing Katie Holmes of espionage ... as in working directly with the tabs to publish stories skewering Tom as a horrible father.

In emails to Tom's legal team ... his publicist Amanda Lundberg fingers specific people in Katie's camp -- including publicists and hair/makeup people -- for feeding stories to "In Touch ."

Amanda accuses her #1 suspect of "speaking to the press constantly. She is the one saying -- K[atie] is disciplinarian and T[om] is spoiling and so on." 

Amanda also directly accuses Katie's publicist, saying ... "leslee sloan [sic] calls the paparazzi every time K gets ready to leave the building as the doormen are always surprised how they suddenly show up when she is about to leave."

The emails were submitted as part of Tom's $50 million suit against the publisher of "In Touch" and "Life & Style" ... for allegedly defaming him with headlines about him abandoning Suri after the divorce.

Tom's publicist Amanda also emailed Katie's people directly, accusing them of remaining silent about a story that claimed Tom broke a promise to Suri. In the email, Amanda demands ... "Can you guys comment and deny this as we all know this is not true."

At the end of the email Amanda begs ... "Help?!!!" 

In short, Tom's people are bitching that Katie's people play dirty pool ... allegedly planting negative stories ... or refusing to blunt the ones they know to be false.

Truth is ... this kinda thing happens every day behind the scenes in Hollywood.