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The Girl Next Door

Photographer calls Suri Cruise a ‘brat’ and a ‘b—ch'

Toronto Sun
By QMI Agency

Suri Cruise, one of the most photographed little girls in the world, was called a ‘brat’ and a ‘b—ch’ by a paparazzo in New York City on Tuesday.

In a video posted online, Suri, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is seen being led by her mother through a group of snapping paparazzi when she starts yelling at the crowd.

The 7-year-old first shouts,”We’re trying to get in the car!” before telling the photographers to “stop it” and “get out of the way.”

While Suri and Holmes make their way into a car, a male paparazzo can be heard in the background calling her a brat.

When another photographer takes issue with him using the word, he responds “I don’t care. She’s a b—ch, dog. A little brat kid.”

Watch the video below, and you’ll understand why Halle Berry is so eager to get that anti-paparazzi bill passed.

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