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Suri Cruise Is Served Cupcakes in Bed for Breakfast

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By Amanda Lynn

A former nanny of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has revealed that Suri Cruise is so spoiled, she eats cupcakes in bed for breakfast!

While Suri Cruise may only be four years old, she’s living the high life, thanks to parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who reportedly never tell their daughter no!

A family insider has revealed to Star Magazine that Suri Cruise is spoiled, and it’s worse than you’d think! According to the nanny, Suri has tons of money spent on her all the time.

Items such as $25,000 tiaras have been bought for Suri “even though she’d already flushed a pair of diamond earrings down the toilet.”

According to the report, Suri Cruise even has a $100,000 Disney castle play room. “They set up a makeshift playroom for Suri wherever they go, with tons of toys and a couple of dolls from her collection of 200 to play with!” revealed the insider.

Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes creating a little monster? It seems that Suri Cruise is the most spoiled child in the world. From her clothes to her toys, if these reports are true, this little girl is growing up with the wrong perception of life!!