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Katie Holmes: Perfume reflects personality

Katie Holmes likes wearing fruity and vanilla perfumes.

TV3 - Ireland
By Cover Media

Katie Holmes thinks there is something poetic about scent.

Some people dislike dousing themselves in perfume, but the actress can't understand that mentality. For her fragrance is vitally important as it is so intrinsically linked to how she thinks of people.

"I love it! I think it's something really special, and a reflection of who you are. People remember your scent, and I think it's a beautiful, poetic thing that you put on your body. I'm always testing out new perfumes. I tend to go for fruity fragrances but I also love vanilla, and I use a lot of oils," she told British magazine InStyle .

Katie sees importance in her whole beauty routine, not least because as an actress cosmetics help her get into character. That's why she often chooses to do her own face, although she doesn't tackle that job without expert advice.

"When I've been on stage, I've often done my own make-up. I thought I'd have to load it on but it's a lot lighter than you'd think. In fact, it's only slightly heavier than what I'd wear in real life. I enjoy doing my own make-up because it's a chance to create that character and get into the mood of the piece, but when I was on stage I would call a make-up artist for tips and write them all down just to be sure it would look OK," she laughed.

With that in mind the 36-year-old star was asked about her best pieces of beauty advice. There was one which immediately sprang to mind.

"Blush, blush, blush! It wakes you up and makes you look alive," she enthused.