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Holmes' positive work outlook

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By Cover Media

Katie Holmes always thinks about the positives in her life when things start to get too much at work.

Katie Holmes lists all the good things in her life when work becomes too stressful.

The actress has eight-year-old daughter Suri with her ex-husband Tom Cruise, who she has primary custody of. Juggling looking after the little girl with her increasingly busy work schedule can be difficult, but Katie never lets herself take things for granted.

"At the moment it's happening naturally because I've been working hard and any time an actor is working we're really happy and inspired," she told British magazine Hello! when asked how she stays balanced. "If I do find myself getting stressed I make a list of all the good things in my life, which always calms me down."

Katie appears in the new movie The Giver, about a boy who lives in an idyllic world but is tasked with learning about when things go wrong. It's adapted from the children's book by Lois Lowry and Katie was thrilled to be involved because she knows the story means a lot to many young people.

The shoot took place in Cape Town and the actress cites touring the world as one of the most exciting things about her line of work.

"The travel. It's the best education you can have. I'm always jealous of people from Europe because they have so many different countries close to them and are able to experience so many different cultures," she explained. "I'm lucky enough to get to go to some wonderfully interesting places, though. The Giver took me to Cape Town in South Africa and on a tour of Robben Island, which was amazing."

Katie has many other projects in the pipeline at the moment, including Miss Meadows in which she portrays the title character. She can't wait for people to see the flick, as it has a surprising premise.

"I play a substitute schoolteacher who goes from city to city. She's very proper and ladylike and wears white gloves but she's also a vigilante who carries a pistol in her purse and believes it is her duty to rid the world of people who harm children," the star explained. "Of all the characters I've played, she's one of my favourites."