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Exclusive: Suri Cruise "Hates Jeans," Carries a $850 Purse

Us Weekly

There's a reason why you never see Suri Cruise in denim: She "hates jeans and favors dresses," a source tells the latest Us Weekly (on newsstands now), which reveals surprising new details on the lavish lifestyles of Hollywood kids.

At the tender age of 3, Suri, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, also has a penchant for heels -- and pricey designer bags. Us Weekly reports that she even carries around an $850 Ferragamo purse!

For more on Hollywood kids - including how Cruise had a "private playground" built for Suri; which star once dropped a staggering $25,000 on her sons' birthday; the secret way Brad Pitt calms down a "flustered" Shiloh and which Tinseltown tots have personal stylists - grab the new Us Weekly today!