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The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Are Finally Flaunting Their Five-Year Romance

Us Weekly

They were in their own world. During a day trip to a Malibu, California beach July 21, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx — oblivious to onlookers and photographers — played volleyball, wrestled in the sand and, yes, shared passionate kisses.

“They were totally engaged with each other,” reveals a beachgoer in the new issue of Us Weekly. “They were never on their phones. She had this incredible smile on her face. She looked smitten.”

The evening ended with a toast. In between makeouts, they finished off a bottle of champagne on their blanket. Then, adds the onlooker, “they watched the sun set.”

That carefree attitude is a welcome change for the couple who once rented out an entire restaurant to avoid prying eyes on a date night. “Katie and Jamie care about each other a lot and they tried to stay as quiet as possible because they didn’t want to ruin that,” reveals a source close to the mom of Suri, 12. “They knew the second they stepped out together, it would open the gates for criticism.”

For nearly five years behind closed doors, they were able to grow at their own pace, explains a second insider: “They got to know each other and see where they were headed.”

But now that Holmes, 39, is done hiding her romance with the affable actor, 50, pals are warning her to guard her heart. “No one can understand why Katie loves a man who can’t seem to commit,” adds the Holmes confidant. “Everyone wants Katie to take care of herself.”

For more on Holmes and Fox, including pictures from their PDA-filled beach day, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now!

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