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Tom Cruise Plans to Pamper Katie Holmes on 30th Birthday Tomorrow

Us Weekly

Katie Holmes is stuck working on her 30th birthday tomorrow, Tom Cruise says.

"She's going to be on stage - she's doing "All My Sons" on Broadway," he said Wednesday on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show.

So to help her celebrate her latest milestone, "I've got some things planned for tonight," Cruise said. "I've been surprising her throughout the week with things."

A self-described romantic, Cruise told Seacrest "you gotta think" when planning something special for a loved one.

"You gotta pay attention throughout the year ... and just know your lady," he said. "The flowers, what kind she likes ... and set it up at the right time."

He doesn't advise storing ideas in a BlackBerry.

"It's wrong, man. You can't do that," he said. "I've been working on the BlackBerry with these different things I have set up for her, and of course, she's right there and knows my BlackBerry code ... so I've been very cautious."

As for the Cruise clan's Christmas plan, he said, "We're still kind of deciding."

Holmes only has two days off next week, he noted.

"The main thing we know ... is that there's just gonna be nice family time and snuggles," he said.

"Kate always sets everything up like that. She loves it," Cruise continued. "She kind of designs our life."