K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Moving to the Village?

Village Voice
By Rend Smith

Rumors have been going around lately that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are making a big move to New York. We heard it for the first time from Nat Hentoff, who told us a few weeks ago that he'd heard it from doormen on his block of west 12th Street in the Village.

Cruise and Holmes own places in Los Angeles and New York, but LA is their real home. Or at least it was until Katie made her Broadway splash in last year's All My Sons with John Lithgow and Dianne Wiest. After that experience, Holmes told magazines that New York now felt like her kind of place, even if Tom was happier in LA.

Katie enjoyed her Broadway experience so much, she may have convinced Tom to buy the new place here in town, resulting in the rumors about a townhouse at 42 W. 12th Street that recently changed hands...

Documents show that in April the brownstone in question was bought for $15 million by an LLC, and the documents were signed by local real estate agent M. Nader Ahari as the LLC's secretary. (Real estate agent James Nelson tells us forming an LLC to purchase a private residence is "unusual.")

The seller of the brownstone, Harold Nathan, says he and everyone else involved in the sale signed confidentiality agreements so that "all lips are sealed." That might be why, despite numerous calls and e-mails, Browne Harris Stevens agent Paula Del Nunzio -- who brokered the sale of the 8,113 square foot residence -- isn't returning our communications.

Holmes' s publicist, Ina Treciokas, and Cruise's lawyer, Bertram Fields, both deny that the couple has purchased the house. "It is absolutely not true," wrote Fields in an e-mail.

An immediate neighbor to the building also told us that we were wrong about TomKat moving in, but then also added that if we were right, she wouldn't tell us.

During another visit we talked to a doorman in the neighborhood who said: "Can't tell you who lives there. I would lose my job. But you know, we doormen know everything that goes on around here. I can tell you the owner won't be there much because he'll be filming in LA a lot, and I can tell you he bought the house for his wife, who was in a Broadway show." The doorman smiled, "But I can't tell you who it is. I could lose my job."