K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

“I Like Taking Risks”: Talking Personal Style With Katie Holmes At The Chloé Show In Paris

Vogue - UK
By Emily Chan

Katie Holmes has long been a fan of Chloé, with the actor often seen with the French fashion house’s Paraty bag back in the Noughties. But she feels a particular affinity for current creative director Gabriela Hearst’s sustainably-focused designs. “I’ve always been drawn to the brand, and I love what Gabriela is bringing to it,” Holmes tells Vogue ahead of Chloé’s spring/summer 2023 show at Paris Fashion Week. “There’s this marriage between great design and the incredible consciousness about sustainability,” she adds, pointing to the white leather dress from Chloé’s Resort 2023 collection that she’s wearing today as an example.

Like Hearst, Holmes believes “we have no choice” but to adopt a more sustainable approach to fashion. “It’s something that’s very important and I think Gabriela is doing it at such a high level,” the actor says. “She’s very innovative, and I really admire that and am inspired by that.”

In her day-to-day wardrobe, Holmes tends to adopt a less-is-more approach. “My personal style is pretty classic,” she describes. “I like taking risks and having fun with fashion but I tend to gravitate towards simple design and things that are very meaningful. I appreciate the work that is involved in making a piece.” For her, it’s all about investing in wardrobe staples that will stand the test of time. “I’m kind of a jeans girl at heart,” Holmes laughs. “I tend to have a few good pieces and re-wear them.”

Over the years, Holmes has become something of a style influencer, in large part thanks to her relatable girl-next-door wardrobe. “I’m very honoured that people like my style because I like to infuse design into everything that I do,” she says. “Part of making films for me is the look and feel of it.”

On that point, Holmes has just finished editing her new film Rare Objects, a book adaptation that she co-wrote, directed and stars in. “It’s a story about women and healing and friendship,” she explains. “I’m really proud of it.” Continuing her move into directing, she’s now beginning work on her next project, entitled Encore. “We’re early on in the process of putting it together but I love telling stories and being a champion of women,” Holmes continues. “That’s really my passion.”

It’s a passion that Holmes and Hearst share, which is no doubt why they’re such keen supporters of each other’s work. “I like supporting other women who are doing big things – and Gabriela is one of those women,” Holmes concludes.