K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes: What Makes A Real Woman

Vogue - UK
by Lisa Niven

There's no denying that Katie Holmes looks somewhat more youthful and radiant than most 35-year-olds, but as  global brand ambassador for Olay and its Best Beautiful campaign, the actress says that she's all about heralding a realistic approach to beauty and celebrating what it means to everyday women.

"I mean, you try your best. We all try our best! I don't always take off my make-up before bed and I like pizza at two in the morning. In fact I think it's the most appropriate time. And I like it with a lot of cheese and pepperoni," she shrugged, when we met her in New York to celebrate her partnership with the Ohio-based beauty brand. "But I really love what Olay stands for. I went to the laboratories and saw all of the research that they do. I like the acknowledgement they give women for the complex human beings that we are and all of the roles we embody in one day and for really providing a product that works and is good for your skin, and does make you feel great."

Holmes certainly understands the notion of juggling roles. As well as her beauty contracts with Olay and Alterna she has a film - Miss Meadows, in which she plays "a substitute teacher who's also a vigilante and carries a pistol in her purse"- out later this year and is mother to eight-year-old Suri.

"You know I work very hard but I also really enjoy time with my family as well. So I take everything as it comes but I really am very selfish about my family time," she told us. "But I always get excited to work with new people, to tell stories that I think are original, to work with directors that I admire. That's what keeps me going in this business.  And I agree with the affirmations of Olay. The Best Beautiful campaign is like a support system. It breeds a lot of goodwill and that's really important. It's nice when women are nice to each other, and are happy with others' success. I think that that's a beauty tip I'd pass on to anyone at any age… along with drinking lots of water!"

As far as a specific beauty regime is concerned, Holmes cites the Olay Regenerist Regenerating Cream Cleanser, 3 Point Super Age-Defying Cream, 3 Point Super Firming Serum and the [US-only] Luminous Facial Oil as her daily favourites: "As a teenager skincare is about putting no oil on your skin because you don't want any blemishes and then in your thirties you're putting as much oil as it can take to avoid wrinkles!". She also credits healthy eating and exercise, as well as being creative, with ensuring that she looks her best.

"I do think that those factors add to your skin. I like doing yoga, I like running and cycling - just staying active. And I love a facial. I don't have one particular place, I try different places all of the time. It's just so nice having someone touch your skin," she told us. "I don't wear that much make-up but I use the tips make-up artists have taught me and I try to look my best. Mostly if I do nothing else I put some blush on. It wakes you up and makes you look well-rested and alive."

Well, it seems to be working.

Katie Holmes is the face of Olay Regenerist and the Olay Best Beautiful campaign. For more information visit www.olay.co.uk