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Is Katie Holmes going back to school?

FOX 5 News - New York
Good Day New York

NEW YORK (FOX5NY) - Katie Holmes, who skipped an Ivy League college education to go to Hollywood says the idea of going back to school is intriguing.

Holmes, who grew up in Toledo, Ohio, was set to go to Columbia University but her TV show "Dawson's Creek" was picked up and she went into acting full time instead of school.

"My father is an attorney and I'm the youngest of five so he met, he flew out to L.A. to meet these people who thought that I could do this," Holmes says.

On Good Day New York, Holmes was asked if she would ever consider going back to college.

"I think college at an older age would be a really amazing experience," Holmes said and then added, "I would probably feel that I would need a lot of help."