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New movies ready to roll in Savannah starring Katie Holmes, Michael Caine

WTOC 11 News - Savannah
By Don Logana

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Katie Holmes and Michael Caine are in Savannah filming a movie called "Coup D'Etat" in Windsor Forest.

Friday morning on THE News at Daybreak, we told you the Savannah Film Office confirmed a project was being filmed at two homes in the southside neighborhood. We can now confirm it is the movie starring Holmes and Caine.

A casting call for the film went out on July 21 for a stand-in for two females.

"Coup D'Etat" is a feature film comedy about a young girl who writes a letter to a foreign dictator, who in a bizarre turn of events gets overthrown and he ends up on her doorstep in a middle class neighborhood.

WTOC viewers wrote me on Facebook wondering about letters sent to homeowners about film crews using homes for a project.

The Savannah Film Office replied Thursday: "There is a project that will be filming periodically at two residences in the Windsor Forest area over the next month. They obviously have to have permission from the owners of those two homes or they would be trespassing. Per our requirements, they have notified other residents in the area. They will have some trucks and equipment parked on the street near the two houses they are using, which nearby neighbors will likely see, but they should not be affecting traffic or residents in any significant way."

Another new film is set to begin shooting in Savannah very soon, and we are now learning about a pretty interesting cast.

Last month, the Savannah Film Office put out a crew call on Facebook and on it's website for a film called "Undying." While there has been no official announcement from local film officials yet, I am told one could be coming soon. Variety reports the film will star Arnold Schwarzenegger's son, Patrick and Liana Liberato. We are also hearing rocker and actress, Hole front-woman Courtney Love, is part of the supporting cast filming in Savannah as well.

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