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Katie Holmes Wigs Out; Plans to Give Her Met Gala Dress to Suri

Yahoo! Style
By Ericka Ostroff

Lately it seems that celebrities wearing wigs has become the norm. Zendaya changed her hair six times at the Radio Disney Music Awards; Katy Perry has gone “Kris Jenner” and back again after wearing one; and Lady Gaga has a new hairstyle every other day. Joining the ranks of these tress-transforming ladies is Katie Holmes.

At Monday night’s Met Gala, the 36-year-old actress had many of us fooled. In a series of Instagram photos, Holmes posted mysterious black and white pictures of herself and her hairstylist, DJ Quintero, with captions like: “Dare me….. #metball” and “Katie’s getting ready for the #MetGala with a big #hairtransformation!” There was even one in which Quintero was holding scissors against her mane, assuming the position to chop.

“Isn’t that what Instagram’s all about? You gotta play!” Holmes tells Joe Zee in this edition of Style Sessions. But when the two sit down, Holmes admits that she was, indeed, wearing a wig. And her choice to do so wasn’t a lark. Zac Posen, who served as her Met Gala date, designed her dress with the Costume Institute exhibition theme, China: Through the Looking Glass, in mind. The midnight blue floor-length gown paid homage to the country’s culture and tradition. “It had the auspicious clouds at the bottom, which in Chinese culture means good fortune and good luck,” says Holmes. She wanted her hair to land along her jawline so the dress could do the talking.

“We decided to go with the bob because it felt like the cleanest, simplest,” she tells Zee. “I just wanted the attention to be focused on the dress…on the back of the dress. I wanted to make sure there was just nothing, no hair anywhere, to let the design speak for itself.”

And while it’s safe to assume that Holmes is doing away with the wig—when asked if she’d cut her hair, she responded: “I’m a ponytail girl!—there’s one thing that the fashionable mother isn’t planning on getting rid of: her custom Zac Posen dress. Suri, she reveals, will be the lucky recipient.

“That dress is very, very special,” she says. “I am going to save it for my daughter. She better grow soon!”

As they say, Suri, “Mama knows best!” And that’s a hand-me-down we’d be thrilled to receive.