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Katie Holmes: I need a huge beauty team

By Cover Media

Katie Holmes has joked she needs help from "a whole village" to get red-carpet ready.

The brunette beauty claims it takes a team of professionals to get her hair, make-up and wardrobe right for an event.

The actress also begins preparing for the spotlight well in advance of the date.

"To look perfect on the red carpet I need the help of a whole village!" Katie laughed to the German edition of OK! magazine.

"As soon as the date for an important event is set I start to prepare: drink more water, exercise more and eat healthier."

The way Katie defines beauty depends on how she's feeling.

She joked that cosmetics help her if she is going through a less-confident phase with her looks.

"That depends on where I stand in life, who inspires me and what I want to achieve in that particular moment," she answered.

"The right make-up helps me when I wake up in the morning, thinking, 'Oh my God, I need something to look alive again!'"

In January, Katie was announced as the first ever celebrity face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics.

Known for her natural good looks, the star doesn't need many items to get her looking gorgeous. Katie has spoken before about how she is a fan of the brand's understated luxury products, which feature in her day-to-day beauty musts.

"In my handbag, there's always lip gloss. And a highlighter and a brush," she shared. "Other than that, there are some pencils for Suri, my iPhone, one pair of shoes, hankies… I could continue!"