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Katie Holmes: I'm always shouted at in NYC

Yahoo! - Singapore
By Cover Media

Katie Holmes was left terrified when a taxi driver tried to force down her window to yell at her.

The American actress was born and raised in Ohio but currently resides in the Big Apple with daughter Suri, who she has with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

Whenever she returns to the city after travelling Katie jokes she has to prepare herself to be shouted at, whether it's in a pleasant or nasty manner, as she encountered recently.

"So the other day, all in one day, I was hailing a cab and the cab driver pulled over across the street but traffic coming so I was like, 'OK wait, thank you.' And then one kind of pulled up right here [gestures in front of her]. So then, I kind of hopped in his even though I know it was wrong, I hop in the closer one. I jumped in cab number two and then I was like..." she trailed off as she pulled an awkward face to host Jimmy Fallon. "So we go, and cab number one doesn't let it go. He pulls up next to it and he goes to the cab number [two] driver's window and he's like, 'Roll down the passenger [window]!' And I was like, I said, 'Oh no, don't roll it down, don't roll it down. He's gonna yell at me and that's not OK. No.'"

Katie's run-ins with yelling didn't end there though; later in the day she arrived at the subway to realise she had no change or ticket for the train. When she queued up and tried to pay with her card a member of staff told her she couldn't accept it, which left the actress rummaging through her bag for change.

But upon seeing her struggle, the ticket woman decided to be helpful, shouting at Katie, 'LADY, SIX, GO TO SIX,' so she could get through the turnstiles for free.

As well as making the audience laugh with her stories, Katie and Jimmy took part in a series of amusing challenges during her appearance on the show, involving sticking sellotape on their faces.