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Katie Holmes Wonít Continue to Spoil Suri: 'She Wants Her To Be Like The Other Kids At School'

Yahoo! - UK
By EntertainmentWise

Katie Holmes has scaled back daughter Suriís extravagant way of life in a bid for her to fit in better at school, insiders suggest.

Suri is frequently seen out in designer clothes, heeled shoes and lip gloss. In 2011 it was claimed the seven-year-olds wardrobe totalled £2 million, including a £11,000 worth of Hermes bag and £93,000 of Gucci shoes!

Though when your mum is a famous actress and your dad is a worldwide mega star, itís hard to expect anything less!

But it seems thatís just what Suri can expect, as Katieís had a change of heart and is now trying to make the little girl more grounded.

A source told Heat "Katie wants Suri to lead a more normal life, away from the more extravagant and unpredictable lifestyle with Tom,"

ďTom used to spoil her by buying expensive clothes and Katie has stopped that - she wants her to be like all the other kids at school."

Itís regularly reported how much Tom spends on his daughter. In April it was claimed he had forked out $7 million for a private jet for her birthday to ensure he could still see her regularly.

Katie has full custody of their daughter, and itís reportedly been her decision to tone down her wardrobe.

The source continues ďSuri doesn't know the price of things. She's fine with it. Suri actually gets more clothes now but they're way more reasonable for conservative Katie."