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K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door



Did You Know:  A personal friend said Katie is ticklish on her sides and stomach.
Before Katie became an actress, she wanted to be a doctor.

Favorite Movies:  "My Best
                             Friend's Wedding"
                            "Pretty in Pink"
                            "Sixteen Candles"

First Movie She Ever Saw: "ET" at a drive-in.

Favorite TV Shows:  "Party of Five"

Favorite Actors/Actresses:  Tom Hanks
                                          Meg Ryan
                                          Jodie Foster

Favorite Directors:  Woody Allen
                               Ron Howard
                               Oliver Stone

Favorite Musicians:  Sarah McLachlan
                               Tracy Chapman
                               Frank Sinatra
                               Natalie Merchant
                               The Dave Matthews Band

Favorite Books:  David Guterson: "Snow Falling on Cedars"
                           Kate Chopin: "The Awakening"

Favorite Activities:  Dancing
                              Watching movies
                              Listening to music

Favorite Foods:   Jelly Bellies
                          Cookie dough
                          Buttered popcorn
                          Veggie burgers
                          Onion rings

Favorite Drinks:  Vanilla latte
                           Diet coke

Favorite Beauty Booty:  "I like MAC Lipstick in O, a gold-frosted plum. I'm not very good at applying other make-up, but when I do, I use Aveda's One Color Plus Two eye-color stick in Lunar White/Solar White and some mascara." (Cosmopolitan)

Mane Musts:  "I'm a big fan of Kiehl's Creme Silk Groom styling creme and Bumble and Bumble's shampoos and conditioners." (Cosmopolitan)

Signature Fragrance:  "I never get tired of Bulgari Pour Femme." (Cosmopolitan)

In Her Closet:  "I especially like Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Trina Turk, Max Studio and BCBG." (Cosmopolitan)

Body Part That Bugs Her:  "My feet always hurt and are covered with blisters." (Cosmopolitan)

How She Beats The Blues:  "Chocolate, caffeine...they're bad for me, but they help." (Cosmopolitan)

Fantasy Role:  "I'd like to do some lush, romantic period piece where I get to wear gorgeous costumes. That would be really sexy." (A Fanatic's Guide to Dawson's Creek)

Fantasy Dates:  Leonardo DiCaprio


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