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Josh Duhamel & Katie Holmes Talk ‘Romantics’

Access Hollywood

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. -- Josh Duhaml spent time with a host of lovely leading ladies on the set of his ensemble film “The Romantics,” but Katie Holmes turned out to be the group’s No. 1 caregiver.

“Katie – she was like mother hen on the set; she takes care of everybody,” Josh told "Access Hollywood" at Tuesday night’s premiere of “The Romantics” in New York City.

In the film, Josh plays Tom, who is engaged to Anna Paquin’s character, Lila Hayes, but on the eve of his wedding finds himself exploring feelings for his former girlfriend – Laura, played by Katie.

The previews have already hinted there’s a kiss between the two stars, and Josh said Katie’s real-life husband, Tom Cruise, didn’t mind their big screen smooch.

“Well, luckily Tom is very professional,” Josh laughed.

Josh said that Katie’s husband visited the set often and the couple was influential on a personal level.

“He was there quite a bit,” Josh said. “They set a good example for people. They spent a lot of time together, you know — make sure that they make time [for each other]… I learned a lot from those two.”

As for Katie, she said acting opposite Josh was a great experience.

“It was wonderful working with him and we had so much fun creating these characters,” she said.

At Tuesday night’s premiere, Tom accompanied Katie on the red carpet, and she confirmed he regularly sends her gifts of the floral variety to show his love.

“He always sends me red roses which I love. It makes me feel good,” she said.

Katie too makes romantic overtures in the form of sweet notes.

“I try to leave him cards and just let him know that I think he’s amazing,” she revealed.

“The Romantics” opens in theaters on Friday, September 10.