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Lauren Gottleib on ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’
‘Glee’ Tour and Working with Tom, Katie and Suri

Beck/Smith Hollywood
by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith

Talk about hot! “So You Think You Can Dance” All Star and “Glee” performer Lauren Gottlieb found herself having to turn down the soon-to-begin “Glee” four-city live tour last week due to her overloaded schedule. And while she was making that decision, she was busy helping prep Katie Holmes for her dance performance over the weekend at the The Motion Picture & Television Fund’s “A Fine Romance” benefit on the Fox lot.

The super-talented 21-year-old wants us to know she considers Katie a terrific dancer. “I’m working with Tom as well. I can’t really talk about that yet,” she told us before the event. But she could say that the Cruises “are the most amazing, adorable family.”

Especially Suri. “She’s dancing on the side and I keep trying to teach her little things. [Holmes] likes it that she’s growing up sort of in-studio, thinking, ‘This is what you do when you grow up.’ She’s four years old and she talks like she’s older than I am. She’s so grown up already. She respects everybody and she doesn’t really cause too much chaos in the room.”