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Katie Holmes: We all want small waists

Belfast Telegraph - UK

Katie Holmes believes “every woman wants a smaller waist”.

The Hollywood actress is a natural beauty and is regularly hailed for her chic, elegant style choices. The stunning star, who boasts clothing line Holmes & Yang, insists all females like to accentuate their waists.

Katie discussed the notion while describing what she wears when attending power meetings.

“I wear high-waisted jeans, or I’ll delve into the Holmes & Yang range, which I created with my stylist last year,” she told Marie Claire magazine.

“One of the best things we do is to put Spanx power mesh into all our skirts, because every woman wants a smaller waist.”

Katie likes to dress for the occasion. The 32-year-old beauty travels extensively with her film and TV career, and makes wardrobe choices based on where she is in the world.

“I like dressing to suit the place I’m travelling to,” she explained.

“So if I’m in New York I’ll wear a little more black, in Europe I try to be extra dressed up, and in L.A. I’m probably at my most laidback. I like to fit in.”