K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Tom Curise and Katie Holmes’ date night

Boston Herald
By Inside Track

Our spies at the stadium’s sound board report that Tom Cruises and his wife Katie Holmes were all casual and cuddly during their date night at U2.

“They were having the best time dancing, holding hands together in the air and looked genuinely happy together,” said Someone Who Was There. “ Cameron Diaz was dancing the entire time, turning around to laugh and smile at Tom and Katie. And when Bono asked the crowd to take out their cellphones to create light, even Cameron took out her BlackBerry .”

Security was tight around the staaaahs. The goons, we’re told, were on alert for people snapping cellphone photos of the famous faces. Oh, puh-leeze.

Also spotted at the show were “Jurassic Park” keeper Sam Neill and Needham homey-turned-Hollywood screenwriter Scott Rosenberg, who came down from Toronto where they’re filming an ABC drama called “Happy Town.”

Screen queen Ashley Judd, who is studying for a degree at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, was also there - on crutches. She made it back to Boston in time to party with Bono and The Edge at a private bash at the Revolution Rock Bar .

Snow Patrol, Peter Wolf and DJ Mateo of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals also rocked the Rock Bar scene with around 100 other guests.