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The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes on packing heat in "Miss Meadows"

CBS News <--Video interview
By Ken Lombardi

Katie Holmes is hoping to make the grade with her latest dark comedy, "Miss Meadows."

The ex-wife of Tom Cruise is playing a seemingly-wholesome elementary school teacher who takes justice into her own hands at night, thanks to a pistol she keeps handy in her purse. The film was directed by actress and writer Karen Leigh Hopkins, known for penning the screenplay for 1998's "Stepmom."

Holmes said she jumped at the chance to get to play a vigilante who goes against societal norms.

"She was so free, and really believed in everything she was doing and I thought that was refreshing," Holmes said in a recent interview with CBS News.

The 35-year-old actress also was delighted by the fact that her character wears tap shoes and often dances around in public, when she's not busy taking out the bad guys.

"I hope it promotes more dancing in the streets. I really hope 'Miss Meadows' has that effect," Holmes said.

Watch video at the top of this story see Holmes talk about her return to "Kennedys" role as Jackie Onassis, as well as her ambitious aspirations behind the camera.

"Miss Meadows" opens in theaters on Friday.