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The Girl Next Door

Is Katie Holmes Happy?

E! Online
By Ted Casablanca

While adorable little Suri Cruise continues to make headlines with her cutting-edge sartorial choices, there hasn't been much news about her parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Except, of course, for their professional endeavors, what with Katie playing Jackie Kennedy and Tom hauling the action-hero outfits from his closet for Mission: Impossible 4. Or perhaps Tom is defending himself from some crazy Scientology charges. But I think everybody's used to that stuff at this point—not exactly headline material anymore.

TomKat just don't have the heat of those couch-jumping days.

How's Katie taking it all? Is she fretting over the lack of killer coverage, or is she liking this calmer side to married life?

Not exactly, says Katie's set in Toledo, Ohio, where Holmes grew up and where much of her family remains.

And though TomKat may not be the hottest couple to gossip about here in L.A., word is still traveling fast up in Ohio about the twosome. Apparently, certain members of K.H.'s tight-knit fam aren't so hush-hush about Katie's big romance anymore: According to many locals who insist they're in the know, word's trickling down from the Holmes' manicured lawn that Katie "isn't happy."

Why, pray tell?

Mainly because of the way Tom controls her, we're told.

Uh, not exactly a shocker with a mega-achievement type like T.C., but given that this not exactly stunning news is accurate, what in the world was K.H. expecting hooking up with a dude like Tom? Sips of iced-tea on the front porch, or something?

"Tom is one of the most goal-oriented guys I know," says another Cruise source, who has spent many years by the legend's side. "He never stops and chills. Ever, ever, ever—sitting around and just talking—never happens. You cannot just hang with him; he always has a plan of what to do next."

As a result, Katie's getting "a little frustrated with Tom always calling the shots," says an Ohioan know-it-all.

I dunno. Isn't marriage damn tough, period? Yep. Perhaps Katie and Tom are just working through natural husband-and-wife issues.

If you could call being hitched to one of the world's most talked-about stars anything close to natural, that is.

Good luck, you two!