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Katie Holmes Falls Asleep on the Subway, Talks Thanksgiving Plans With Suri

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by Gina Serpe

If Katie Holmes can make it (to a REM cycle) there, she can make it anyway.

Though, in fairness, it is supposed to be the city that never sleeps, not the citizens. In any case, Suri Cruise's mama and current "Dead Accounts" Broadway thesp took multitasking to new heights over the weekend, when she seemingly managed to work in a power nap—or at the very least, some brief shut-eye that just so happened to be caught on camera—while traveling with her daughter.

The tuckered-out 33-year-old took the catnap as the non-snoozing Cruise happily entertained herself and snacked on an apple while sitting on mama's lap.

As it is, what with her new show on the Great White Way and her upcoming holiday plans, Katie has a lot on her plate—figuratively and literally, as she shared on "Live! With Kelly and Michael" this morning when asked about her Thanksgiving plans.

"We have Thursday off, so I'm going to have a chance to go home with my family," Holmes said. "But I actually had a little bit of turkey yesterday and stuffing and derby pie."

Uh, eating practice makes perfect?

When asked by the cohosts the reasoning behind the early Thanksgiving dinners, Katie did her best to explain.

"I don't know, to warm up? It was awesome. It was amazing and I'm actually not sick of it and I'm ready for more."

The actress dishes on having her turkey early on “Live! With Kelly and Michael.” Plus, does she have any holiday cooking specialties? Find out!
So long as someone else is doing the cooking, that is. When asked if she had a go-to dish or specialty (or any cooking chops at all), she replied, "Um...no."

Fortunately, Kelly Ripa offered up an area in which the Holmes & Yang designer can pitch in, should she feel the need to contribute.

"Do you sew the napkins?"

Now that'd be one set of couture cloths.