K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes preparing for her biggest year in some time

•Katie Holmes has had a long and successful acting career
•She has been a bit quiet of late
•Katie is preparing for her biggest year for some time

By Jon Galt

It is hard to believe that it has been over 15 years since Katie Holmes became a household name in the role of Joey on the hit television series Dawson's Creek. Since then, Katie has gone on to have a long and fairly successful career, although she has been a bit inactive of late. However, Katie is preparing for her biggest year for some time in 2014.

We have not seen Katie Holmes on the big screen since she appeared in the 2011 movie Jack and Jill but she has no less than four movies already expected to open in 2014. As well as having these four movies currently in production, Katie Holmes also has a further film which is in the development stages.

Katie Holmes will appear alongside James Badge Dale in the movie Miss Meadows, which sees her playing the lead role. Following that, we will see Katie Holmes leading the cast in the movie Mania Days. Next up for Katie is the film Days and Nights, co-starring Allison Janney and Ben Whishaw. The final film currently in production is The Giver, which sees Katie Holmes share the big screen with Taylor Swift and Meryl Streep.

Following these four movies, which are all expected to open later in the year, Katie Holmes is also linked to a role in the planned movie Responsible Adults, which also has Sara Paxton attached. With so many movies coming out in the next year or so, it seems that Katie Holmes career is truly back on track.