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Katie Holmes' Movie Career Still Over

Fox News
by Roger Friedman

Usually associating with Tom Cruise has been good for his women whether he married them, romanced them or used them for publicity. Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz, for example, each have Academy Awards.

But Katie Holmes seems to be following more in the footsteps of the first Mrs. Cruise, Mimi Rodgers. Even though she had a successful run in a minor role on Broadway recently, Katie is not exactly burning up the silver screen.

A role in "Thank You for Smoking," filmed before she was scooped up by Cruise in their spring 2005 insta-romance, became controversial when her love scene was nearly obliterated. Some people thought Cruise tried to have it removed and even might have interrupted a Sundance screening.

Last year, she starred in the miserable and unfunny "Mad Money" in a terrible third banana part. It was a step down from her previous role in the indie hit "Pieces of April," a pre-Cruise triumph that signaled a promising movie career.

Alas, all that seems over now. Katie starts work this week on "The Extra Man," a comedy starring Kevin Kline and John C. Reilly. She’s playing pretty much fourth fiddle in 'The Extra Man," as Kline and Paul Dano are the main characters. Everyone involved says Katie’s part is small and requires very little work.

At 30-years-old, Holmes — who’s attractive, talented, and has name value — should be in the same category as Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams and Angelina Jolie as far as getting good starring roles. It can’t be for lack of trying on her agent’s part since she has the best in the business, Hilda Queally, of Creative Artists. Her turn in "Batman Begins" almost assured her of a lift into that group, but since her marriage, her career has become more like that of Kelly Preston, another youngish Hollywood wife who gave up the career fast track for family life.