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Tab “Tortures” Katie Holmes With False Allegations

Gossip Cop

Star has a cover story called “Katie’s Tortured Life,” but it was Gossip Cop who was tortured trying to verify the mag’s claims.

After all, this is the same outlet that reported Katie Holmes was writing a tell-all about husband Tom Cruise. (It’s still not in book stores.)

So what’s the issue?

According to the mag, Holmes has to “endure her tormented life for the sake of her family, especially [daughter] Suri.”

What’s tormented about it?

A “source” says Cruise knows about Holmes’ “smoking, her eating habits and her flirting with costars,” thanks to Scientologists who spy on her.

The mag claims Holmes is “brutally aware of how Tom keeps a close eye on her every move.”

What else?

Holmes is reportedly also clashing with her husband on how to raise Suri. The four-year-old “basically runs the house. No one is permitted to wake her, not even Katie.”

Holmes would like to use a little more discipline, but Cruise has “forbidden it.”

And what happens when Holmes tries to talk to him about her concerns?

“She’s told Tom over and over that she needs more freedom,” says an “insider,” but he just dismisses it.

Holmes has “reached her limit,” as the source put it, but the mag concludes she’s still “caught between a rock and a hard place: devoted to life with her husband and daughter but worn down by Scientology’s strict rules.”

And where is Star? Still substituting fiction for fact, not worn down at all by a little thing known as “fact-checking.”

Says Holmes’ rep, “There is no accuracy” in Star’s latest tale. “It’s false and ridiculous.”