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Mag: Katie Holmes Fears She’s Losing Roles Because Of Weight

Gossip Cop

Because their last alarmist cover story about Katie Holmes allegedly starving herself was an inaccurate, mean-spirited mess, the gang at Life & Style tries again this week to prove that Holmes has an obsession with her weight.

According to the tabloid, Holmes is convinced that she’s losing Hollywood roles because she’s too big, even though “her fight against fat has reached shocking extremes, giving Katie a protruding spine and visible ribs that cause onlookers to gasp.”

Holmes supposedly keeps to a “liquid diet of Diet Coke, water and tea,” claims the magazine, with a so-called “insider” saying, “She doesn’t even seem interested in food anymore.”

What bit of evidence does Life & Style dangle?

Well, a server at the Le Pain Quotidien in Los Angeles observes that Holmes orders only coffee when she steps up to the counter. “No croissants, no cinnamon rolls, no cookies.”

So… Holmes doesn’t get pastry at one eatery in one city, claims one employee.

We’re less than convinced.

As Life & Style notes, “Her adoring husband, Tom Cruise, would be proud to have the star on his arm no matter her size. ‘I love it when Tom tells me I look great,’ Katie has admitted. ‘It gives me such confidence.’”

Indeed, Life & Style seems bent on destroying whatever confidence Holmes gets from Cruise or otherwise, running article after article that fixates on her weight and refusing to just let her be, even though she doesn’t have any eating disorders.

A source close to Holmes assures Gossip Cop, “It’s clearly ridiculous.”

That’s what Life & Style does best!