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Katie Holmes: 5 Things You Dont Know About Me (EXCLUSIVE)

Gossip Cop
By Michael Lewittes

Gossip Cop has corrected a slew of reports about Katie Holmes over the years, especially bogus dating rumors, and now the star exclusively tells us five things you dont know about her!

Holmes also shares with Gossip Cop details about her directorial debut.

So, whats her favorite meal?

What does she watch when shes winding down?

And what would Holmes do, if she could, at the spur of the moment?


1. I love SportsCenter on ESPN.

2. My favorite meal is spaghetti and meatballs.

3. I have always been a huge risk-taker, because I love seeing the unknown, and I love discovering things, and Im not afraid. I will travel in five minutes. If somebody says to me, You want to go to England tomorrow? Ill be like, Yeah! Alright! Lets do it! I would travel the world over and over and over.

4. I am more thought-driven than perspective-driven, so I dont always realize that other people are looking at my life, and that can get me in trouble. But Ive never really lived that way. However, Im grateful that people care.

5. I love my child more than anything in the entire world. Its pretty simple.

OK, the last one Gossip Cop could guess.

And its the relationship between a mother and daughter that Holmes is also going to explore in her directing debut of the Annie Weatherwax novel, All We Had.

Holmes explains to Gossip Cop what prompted her to take her first stab at directing.

She says, I optioned this book after I read it, and I saw potential for creating a mother-daughter relationship very unique in its dialogue and honesty that we havent seen in a while on screen.

Holmes notes she met with The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone, and I mentioned it to him, and out of that conversation sort of came the idea of me directing it, and he offered to adapt it Hes so talented, and I was like doing cartwheels.

She adds that directing has always been something shes wanted to try.

I have clear visions, says Holmes, and after being fortunate to work with a lot of wonderful, inspiring, creative people, Ive been able to see great work happen before my eyes. So Im hoping to do something special and unique.

Whats your favorite new tidbit about Holmes?