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CLAIM: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Have “Unhappy” Anniversary

Gossip Cop

Just weeks after Gossip Cop debunked an absurd story from Star magazine about an alleged “marriage deal” between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, the magazine is at it again.

This week, the tab paints a negative picture of the couple, claiming that their recent fourth anniversary was “unhappy” and that Cruise and Holmes are “living separate lives.”

What example does Star use?

Holmes supposedly felt “so alone” while filming her scenes for "Jack and Jill" in Florida on November 18 – the couple’s anniversary. “She honestly thought that Tom would be there to celebrate the milestone with her,” a so-called “source” tells the tab.


Uh… no.

On their special day, Cruise was filming "Mission: Impossible 4" in Dubai.

A source close to Holmes tells Gossip Cop the couple knew well in advance they wouldn’t be able to spend their anniversary together due to their filming schedules.

Moreover, Holmes’ rep calls the “separate lives” allegation in the story “hilarious” because once back in Los Angeles, Cruise and daughter Suri “came by the ["Jack and Jill"] shoot to hang out at the end and take her home.”

When it comes to tracking stars, Star seems a bit lost.