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The Girl Next Door

Katie Holmes Brought Her Motherly Love And Cupcakes To The 'Romantics' Set

MTV/Hollywood Crush
by Amy Wilkinson

Much like costar Malin Akerman and teen starlet Kristen Stewart, Katie Holmes was promoting not one but two films at the Sundance Film Festival this year. Earlier in the week, we sneak peeked a scene from her first flick "The Extra Man" and talked with her about the paparazzi-riddled New York set.

Today, Mrs. Tom Cruise turns her attention to her second movie, the aptly titled romantic comedy "The Romantics,"which costars Anna Paquin, Josh Duhamel and Elijah Wood. When MTV News caught up with Katie and Elijah, we found out just how motherly Suri's mama was on set.

"I love cupcakes and cookies, and I'm a dessert person," Katie admitted sheepishly when asked about the rumor she brought treats to the set every day. "We were shooting in cold weather and working long hours..." We're going to read between the lines and say the answer is yes. But Katie's treats can't cure all ailments, so when costar Elijah was feeling under the weather, she made sure he got the remedy he needed.

"I got sick that one day, and you sent me that box of herbal shots," Elijah said. "It was amazing. It was another nod to her motherly instincts. She didn't want me to feel ill, which was sweet."

Press play on the clip above to hear more about "The Romantics" stars on-set smorgasbord.