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OK! EXCLUSIVE — Suri’s Shopping Spree!

OK! Magazine

Although her little sibling is still a twinkle in her parents’ Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes eyes, Suri Cruise is ready for a new addition to the family! After one of Suri’s gymnastics classes recently, Katie took her daughter (who turns four this Sunday) on a shopping spree on Madison Avenue in NYC. First stop was chic kids boutique Baby Cz, where Suri immediately sat down next to another little girl and started coloring happily with her new pal while Katie shopped, an onlooker tells OK!.

“Suri was more concerned about coloring than she was about shopping,” the onlooker tells OK!. “She was whispering to her mom and really well behaved. And Katie of course was super sweet.”

Suri was more concerned about coloring with her newfound companion than shopping!

“I don’t think the mom realized her daughter was coloring with Suri Cruise at first,” the onlooker added. Looks like Suri is ready for a playmate!

“Katie really liked the dresses the most,” adds the source. “Suri picked out which print she wanted in the Eliza dress. She picked the turquoise one and Katie picked out the other three.”

After Baby Cz, Suri and Katie went down the block to Bonpoint on 68th and Madison. Suri brought the drawing she had colored at Baby Cz with her and gave it to one of the clerks at the clothing store.

“It was in all different rainbow colors and had little scribbles all over, a red bow and other drawings,” an onlooker tells OK!. “She didn’t know the clerk but said to her, ‘I made this for you’ and handed it to her.”

“The store clerk explained that Suri is always wearing Bonpoint shoes.”

Katie filled up two shopping bags worth of shoes and clothes for Suri.

Suri happily left the store with a lot of new loot and became excited when she saw an adorable dog pass by!

“There was a woman with a small grey fluffy dog nearby and Suri started waving excitedly,” the source said. “It was really adorable. Bystanders were oooing and awwing and snapping phone pictures.”

Reporting by Laura Lane