K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Katie Tells Tom to Slim Down With Sex!

OK! Magazine
By: Mary Beth Quirk

Katie Holmes has put husband Tom Cruise on a diet that includes lowering his carbohydrates, cutting out sweet snacks, and adding plenty of sex, a source tells OK!.

“Katie is in incredible shape,” says a source. “She is constantly watching what she eats and she works out every day. But Tom had been complaining about how hard it is at 47 to keep off the pounds, so Katie vowed to help him out.”

The source says the first thing Kate did was agree not to make Tom his favorite homemade goodies when they are at home.

“Katie loves to cook – and she especially enjoys baking sweet treats,” reveals the insider. “And Tom’s favorite things are her homemade chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, and her famous chocolate covered popcorn.

“Those are the things Tom can’t resist, so he’s pleaded with Katie not to make them until he has time to lose a little weight. Katie wants to help him out, so she agreed.

“She also has him eating fewer carbs and more lean protein. So instead of filling his plate with lots of pasta and red meat, she’s ordered him to load up on autumn vegetables like squash and sweet potatoes, as well as chicken and fish.”

Katie has also encouraged Tom to run at least two miles a day. “Tom was never one to jog,” says the source. “But while Tom and Katie were in Australia, he joined her for runs on a daily basis. Now he’s trying to run at least four days a week and he says it’s getting much easier.”

And the last part of the new diet is probably the most fun for the couple! “Katie read somewhere that you burn up 600 calories just by having sex three to four times a week,” the source reveals. “So she’s told Tom to think about how much they’d burn up if they put daily sex sessions on their schedule!

“Tom thinks the sex order is the best part of Katie’s diet plan, and he’s promised to up the bedroom romps whenever they are in the same town… just for the sake of his diet!” dishes the insider.