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Katie Holmes recalls fashion faux pas

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Katie Holmes brands wearing pyjamas to school as a “bad time” in her style history.

The 32-year-old actress may be lauded for her style credentials nowadays, but she admits there was a time when she didn't care so much about her wardrobe choices.

The brunette beauty, who boasts her own clothing brand Holmes & Yang, is regularly praised for her elegant style, but has recently revealed a rather unsavoury fashion look she favoured in her teens.

"I hate repeating it but my biggest fashion faux pas was probably wearing pyjama bottoms under my uniform in high school. That was bad. A bad time. Never again,” she embarrassingly recalled.

Nowadays, the actress is something of a style icon. And while she would never be seen wearing her pyjama bottoms in public, she admits the most important thing is to still take style risks.

“I’m not afraid to try a new designer or do something trendy, but it has to look right on my body,” she said recently. “You don’t want to look like a fashion victim!”