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Katie Holmes Joins Adam Sandler for 'Jack & Jill'
Plus the Slutty Pumpkin's Favorite Books

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By Abiola Abrams

Adam Sandler's new film "Jack and Jill" was originally entitled "The Weird Personality," and no, that has nothing to do with his co-starKatie Holmes. The ex "Dawson's Creek" starlet tackles comedic fare in the goofball flick where Sandler plays both Jack Sadelstein and his oddball sister Jill. Suri's mom may come across as earnest and serious in real life but apparently the "How I Met Your Mother" Slutty Pumpkin loves a good laugh as much as anyone else. Katie plays Jack's wife Erin Sadelstein in the new movie.

As if Sandler and Holmes aren't enough star power, "Jack and Jill" features several boldfaced names playing themselves. Al Pacino, Shaquille O'Neal, Regis Philbin and Johnny Depp all appear in the film. The flick was directed by Dennis Dugan who has partnered with Adam on several hilarious movies. Katie evenbrought her daughter to the set of the fun, PG-rated flick.

Lest you think that Katie sits around reading "The Big Book of Scientology" all day, Holmes sat down with O Magazine this month to share her favorite books. We're far from psychologists, but let's see what we can learn from the Katester about a few of her favorite reads.

On Katie's Favorite Books

"Bossypants" by Tina Fey

We love that Tina Fey's funny memoir made Katie's list. Tina is smart and edgy, what's not to like? KH tells O that she met Tina in 2001 when she was guest hosting "Saturday Night Live." Katie was super nervous at the time. She says that Tina "writes with such a true voice about being a mom- from the funny things your kids do to your fears for them." Both Tina and Katie are moms to young daughters. Maybe they can get a playdate going?

"The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison

The heavy little book by the Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winning novelist tops our list of faves too. Clearly Katie is loving and compassionate to feel a connection to this beautiful book about an African American girl dealing withself loathing compounded by extreme life challenges. According to Mrs. Cruise, "Morrison has such an ability to write about painful topics in a fresh way. I loved this book, but I missed having a group to debate it with." Katie originally read the novel for a high school English class.

"Washington Square" by Henry James

Clearly Kate, as her man calls her, is not just into female writers. She makes some room on the Cruise-Holmes bookshelves for the men as well. The Henry James tale of a challenging and difficult daddy-daughter relationship moved her. Insert your own Freudian analysis here. She explains, "I didn't see myself in any of the characters in particular but I loved the setting and the way James writes about people." We'll take her word for it.

"Jack and Jill" starring Katie Holmes and Adam Sandler is coming soon to a theater near you. The film is about family Thanksgiving tradition madness so definitely see it with someone you enjoy.