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The Girl Next Door

Holmes talks 'Kennedys' with Ellen

By Karin Tanabe

Katie Holmes, who plays Jackie Kennedy opposite Greg Kinnear as JFK in “The Kennedys,” was on “Ellen” Friday talking about the miniseries that airs this Sunday on ReelzChannel. (The History Channel scrapped the series in January after paying a hefty sum to produce it.)

“ReelzChannel. I don’t know what that is. Do you?” host Ellen DeGeneres asked Holmes about the small New Mexico-based network.

“I just became educated about that channel. I am so grateful they picked us up,” replied the actress who must have been genuinely relieved since Showtime, Starz, FX and HBO all passed on the miniseries.

Holmes was at a grocery store in Vancouver when she got the call about the series being dropped. “I didn’t know it was even a possibility,” she said.

Not surprisingly, the question of why the show was canned by History came up. “The affairs?” asked DeGeneres. “I don’t know what they’re going for,” replied Holmes. “We don’t even have Greg [Kinnear] kissing another woman. [It’s] so tastefully done.”

She described the eight-part miniseries as “like a Greek tragedy” and talked about how much she admired Jackie’s devotion as a mother.

“I hope people find it and watch it,” Holmes said of the premiere this weekend.

“238 on DirectTV,” added DeGeneres. “Find it wherever you are. Let’s support that channel for picking it up.”