K A T I E   H O L M E S :
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EXCLUSIVE: Katie Holmes Is A Thrifty Shopper, Hits H&M


Just because she’s a successful actress and married to one of the biggest stars in Hollywood doesn’t mean that Katie Holmes isn’t a bargain shopper!

RadarOnline.com spotted the beautiful star scooping up a bag full of bargains on Tuesday at H&M on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Katie was dressed down, wearing open-toed ankle boots, black leggings, black skinny jeans, and knit vest over her blouse. Tom Cruise’s wife had her hair was pulled back in a clip, and RadarOnline.com was close enough to see she was wearing little or no makeup.

She was in the store for approximately 15 minutes and while she never took off her sunglasses she grabbed clothing as if it was a timed shopping spree! Without trying anything on, she had a full bag of clothes in practically no time and before paying she was gracious enough to pose for photos with store employees.

How gracious was she? One star-struck observer said to Katie; “You’re so much prettier than in your photos!”

Note to all: That’s not a compliment! But Katie took it in stride and said ‘thank you’ before leaving the store with her purchases.

(For those of you without access to H&M, it is known for its inexpensive clothing.)