K A T I E   H O L M E S :
The Girl Next Door

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ‘Review Their Marriage'


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes review their marriage every day.

The couple — who have a four-year-old daughter Suri — always try to learn from their mistakes and consult each other on how to correct their errors.

“Because we do live in a cynical world, it’s easy to be cynical,” he said. “Making the choice not to be cynical is important. You can keep dwelling on what didn’t work, or you can figure out how to fix it.

“You know, I’m married to such a special woman. Every night before we go to sleep, Katie and I look at each other and it’s like, ‘How’d we do today?’ ”

As well as his close bond with Katie, Tom — who attended 15 schools in 12 years — has a strong attachment to his three sisters as he had few friends growing up and they encouraged his love of acting.

“You hear about people who have lifelong friends. I never was in a place long enough to have them. So that role was filled by my family,” he said.

“If anyone was teasing my sisters, I really felt it… I’d create different characters and ad-lib sketches to make my sisters and my mother feel better. I’d try to make them laugh.

“I’d do Donald Duck as John Wayne. I’d watch "Soul Train" and imitate the dancers. I guess you can say that’s where it started. I always had a dream to be in movies, my family didn’t say, ‘That’s impossible’. They laughed.”