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The Girl Next Door

Suri Cruise -- Lost Dog Found! Honey 1, Coyotes 0


Happy day for Suri Cruise ... coyotes did not make a snack of her lost pup, Honey ... because we're told the little Chihuahua has been found -- safe!

The people at Lucky Puppy Rescue tell us they amped up their search for the pooch after getting reports of 2 sightings this week, and found her on Wednesday ... not far from where she disappeared in Benedict Canyon.

We're told she's been checked out by a vet and is in good shape ... after surviving on her own since Sunday in the coyote-infested canyon.

Cold-hearted cynics might think the saved dog, pictured with the vet ... looks kinda different from the dog in the reward poster.

But we're told the vet confirmed it was Honey by scanning the dog's microchip.

There was a $1,000 reward, but nobody's saying who, if anyone, is getting it.So ... we gotta ask ...